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 The Forum Form!

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Number of posts : 34
Age : 25
Location : farmers Land =]
Job/hobbies : School and Mooter and stuff =]
Registration date : 2008-03-05

PostSubject: The Forum Form!   Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:51 am

Copy and Paste This Form To An Email and Send It To: Paramore.x@hotmail.co.uk

And We Will Reveiw Your Application and See if your Up For a Job! For Option Questions with multiple answers Delete the ones you think are wrong and keep the correct, for normal question for your answer just write below making sure its readable.

1. If You See Someone Getting Cyber Bullied In the Shout Box Or Thread Posts, What Do you Do?

2. If You See a Post That Is Disobeying the rules Which do you do?
*Find Out Who Did It.
*Leave it And See what Happens Then Find the Person Who did it.
*Delete It Asap, Find out who it was, leave it to see what happens but keep and Eye on that person and if further trouble, Remove them.

3. If Someone Is having trouble logging in Which do you do?
*Let them Find the problem themselves.
*Give them a few troubleshooting options (Give them possible reasons)
*Tell them to Make a new Account.
*Ask them to visit technical difficulties and See if they can Find the Problems.

4. If You find Un-Official News posted what do you do?
*Give the Poster a warning.
*Find out if it was true, Delete it if its false news, Give the Poster a Warning, If futher trouble. Remove them.

5. What Do you Do If There Is a Person posing On here as a celebrity or Band member? (Self Answer Question)

6. What Do you Do If a person is posing as an admin or moderator. (Self answer)

(self Answer)

8. How Can You Prevent trouble on the forums?
(Give a Answer and explain how you wouldmake the forum a better place)

9. What do you think of us giving an opertunity for someone to be a mod?
(self Answer)

10. How could be Improve the site and why?
(self answer)

After All These are Answered and sent we will send you one more containing 5 questions and when they are answered we will send you your results, MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR EMAIL IN OR WE CANNOT REPLY!

Send to: Paramore.x@hotmail.co.uk
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The Forum Form!
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